Patient Comfort & Technology

When you enjoy visiting the dentist, you are more likely to come to your regular checkups, which leads to good oral health. That’s why at Lippian Family Dentistry in Texarkana, TX, we are dedicated to using the latest advances in techniques and equipment, to make our dental treatments as comfortable as possible. Our doctors have years of experience providing skillful care, and our technology allows us to provide most of our treatments in-house. We will make the process towards a healthy and beautiful smile as easy as possible.

Choose Lippian Family Dentistry, Where Your Comfort is Our Priority

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays, in comparison to traditional x-rays, release up to 90% less radiation. During a digital x-ray, we will place a small sensor in your mouth, and this will produce a high-quality image we can immediately view on a screen. These images can be easily stored, transferred and reproduced if needed. Digital x-rays are interactive, meaning we can zoom in, rotate, or fill it in with color, so we can show you with ease what the x-ray reveals about your oral health.


A Panorex x-ray is an image that shows your entire mouth at once, which helps us to understand how your jaw, teeth and other oral structures align and function together.

Cone Beam Technology

Cone Beam Imaging allows us to create a 3D x-ray image of your mouth, when a 2D image isn’t sufficient.

Intraoral Cameras

During your appointments, we will use a small wand with a camera at the tip inside your mouth, creating a real-time video for you to watch on a TV screen right from your chair. This makes it easier for the doctor to show you any issues you may be having and explain how different treatments would benefit you.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas,” is a conscious sedation method used to relax patients when they are extremely nervous, or during more involved treatment. Nitrous oxide will help you to feel comfortable and to not register pain. We will carefully control how much of nitrous oxide you breathe in, and after the treatment is complete, the gas’s effects will quickly wear off, allowing you to even drive home.

Wax-Up Models

By creating wax models, we can ensure that more involved restorative or cosmetic treatments will be effective. The wax model will be custom-created to simulate your mouth, and then we can test veneers, implants, bridges and more to ensure the final product will fit seamlessly and comfortably into your smile.

For more information about any of our technology and equipment, or to schedule an appointment at a dentistry where your comfort is our priority, contact us today at 903-793-6976!